Honey bee stuff

Any one have files on 3d honey be foundation. Or know where I could find. Thanks

HI Kim

Welcome to the forum, Glad you found us in our little corner of the web.

I personally have never heard of this before, is this like a starter block for honey bees? Can you describe a little more detail, I am sure someone here has seen it before.

Hi, Kim:
There are STL files on Thingiverse for honey bee foundation, such as DNM Mittelwand Honey Bee Foundation Carnica 5,55mm by Explorator - Thingiverse

I’ve not kept bees in such a long time, I wasn’t aware that you could use a plastic foundation. Mine were made of beeswax in a wooden frame.

Thank you I found some good files

Thanks Jason

No Problem, show us your finished product, I’m interested