Hot end wheel not turning

Hi, I have a Cr-10 V3 that’s a couple years old. It was working until it stopped extruding mid-print. The print before it stopped had some gaps and holes in it.
I cleaned the hot end, cleaned the inside from all the filament dust, Changed the PTG, changed the nozzle and was surprised there wasn’t much to clean inside the nozzle. In the end I realized that the wheel does not turn to feed filament into the hotend. Is it a motor problem? is there something I overlooked?
I can turn the wheel fine manually when there is no filament. Thanks for your thoughts

It sounds like the stepper. It could be a connection or a bad stepper motor its self. Try just commanding the printer to feed filament (at temp obviously) and wiggle the wires of the stepper you might be able to determine if it is eletrical connection or motor.

Stepper driver could have failed. You could change one of the other stepper (X y or Z) wire connector to the extruder and see if it works that way (and vise versa). If it does then it is in the MB if not then it is likely a bad stepper.

I did try to command the printer to extract filament and it did not work. Thanks for pointing to the stepper s, I didn’t think of that :pray:

yes. I suppose I should keep some in stock.
Thank you :pray:

OK it wasn’t the stepper in the end. It was me!
When I opened the hotend, I cleaned all the inside. There was accumulated filament dust but when I put it together,
I didn’t put the little knob that puts pressure on the filament properly :roll_eyes:.
Thanks for your support guys

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