Hotend Topic! :p Need your suggestions PLEASE! lol

Hi everyone! :stuck_out_tongue:

I have a cr-10 MAX… And after a full year of printing, its time to refurbish or upgrade the hotend…

The hotend on this machine is particular, different from the other hotends of creality and they have a proprietary nozzle thread… Also, the heat block doesnt have those two screws preventing any rotation when screwing the nozzle in place…

I’ve never had any issues with the old hotend, but its a pain in the ass to assemble in a perfect way when cleaning it or changing the nozzle size and the proprietary nozzle thread pisses me off…

I was looking on 3DPC for a new hotend, and almost everything doesnt fit the cr10 max… The only one that should be ok (maybe) is the all metal micro swiss hotend.

Do you know if it fits correctly on a cr10 max?

All the others (except of micro swiss) have this warning:

Hotend and Mount will Fit most Creality Printers,
Sheet metal is Ender/CR-10 only
Hotend Will not Fit CR10 Pro and MAX series
High Temperature Full Hotend Kit

My last option; switching to an E3d V6 with custom mount…

But i would like the most “plug n play” setup possible…

So do you guys have any recommendations? Would be reaaaaaaalllly appreciate because im a bit lost…

Thanks! :slight_smile:

I have not used a CR10. I can’t speak to how much fiddling it will take. I have used a E3D hot ends for years now. I think that they or slice is the way to go. All the rest are variants on them. The clones and the variants in my experience are inferior. The slice looks to be quite different from the Creality. I would expect that to be more complex.

I can’t speak to how much of a pain it is to actually convert. I put a genuine E3d into my sidewinder it was not too big an issue but it was a sorta clone. A different size from the original, so a different fan shroud and some other tweaks here and there.

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I wonder if it is worth waiting a bit. The new E3D hotend Revo will likely have a multitude of mounting options. I am looking at it so interesting.

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I agree with the whole just a different hot end on the max, I found it frustrating.

I can only speak from what I have done with my machines. I have changed them all over the MK8 hot end. I used the micro swiss direct drive from the ender 3, (yes I had to shim the extruder motor for it to fit properly) and I printed a Petsfang cooling setup for it using a single 6015 fan up top. this way I can run my fan at 50% so its quiet and prolly moves more air than the factory unit. I can post of pic of it over the weekend when I am back at the farm to show you what it looks like when its done.

I like it most because I can see clearly when the nozzle is at the bed so I can adjust my z-offset if required without having to look around fans.

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I have been using the Micro Swiss hotend on my Creality 400s (similar to your max, I think)for 2 or 3 years with no issues. I find it works much better than the original with some filaments. I am using a 3rd party fan enclosure found on Thingiverse though. (They have lots of options.)


Thanks everyone! :slight_smile:

I am still looking at different options, but yesterday i found this little baby who is pretty interresting.

Its a heatbreak with M6x0.75mm on one side, to accomodate the proprietary thread of the cr10 heatsink and M6x1.00mm to fit a normal mk8 heat block/nozzle on the other end…

Pretty simple and reliable, i will give it a try for sure!!!

What do you think? I’ve never used products, but they have good reviews all over the web and i think this is definitely worth the try…

I have never heard of them either, nice to see company’s coming out with items that made some hard to find parts more compatible.