Hovercraft - overnight spaghetti

My Winter toy project; a twin Motor hovercraft… or it was on the second attempt :wink:
Thanks to Slightly Abnormal for the design :+1: Hurricane RC Hovercraft Dual Thrust by SlightlyAbnormal - Thingiverse

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Thanks for sharing and welcome to the Forum, Glad you found us.

Although your spaghetti does look yummy I think the Hovercraft looks more fun :slight_smile:
Looks like that would just be a blast in the winter.

All year fun! hovercrafts are the first drift vehicle after all :slight_smile: Still thinking about the best way to add foam so I can try it on water.

That’s always the issue with hovercrafts, in order to add the “skirt” that will withstand some abuse then comes weight.

Wonder if you could print a skirt from TPU or SPLA and get “waterable” results? I know it wouldn’t be military-grade but could give you something?

I used an industrial-grade garbage bag. It works great and is quite light. I found out the hard way the hovercraft doesn’t float if the battery dies… I need to figure out where I can add foam to make it buoyant.
Not a lot of space.any suggestions are welcome :slight_smile:

ouch, never thought of that one,

Light and buoyant first 2 things I can think of are hard foam insulation, like the pink or white stuff you can get at depot, Maybe put a thin layer on the bottom before you install the install the air bag, then it would be out of sight.

The only other thing I could think of is ping pong balls, I think there is a small hole in them but should be able to plug that up easily.