How about the filament of the brand ”Eryone“,can a novice try it?,I saw this brand on Amazon and found its shopify store, and found that many items are on sale, I want to try it, I don’t know if you have used it, the reviews look good, and there are some stores in other countries that are still 50% off promotion :rofl:

I have used a couple of rolls. Its ok, nothing good nothing bad. I tend to buy cheap or expensive.

If you look at on-line sales, the reviews are always the same. Some good some bad, even with the known good quality brands. There are always complaints about filament being tangled etc. even with the better brands. I would wager it is not the filaments fault but the people that bought it using it improperly. I have tried several brands with those complaints and never had a problem. There is no way to know until you try it.

I’ve printed a bunch of it and never had any issues with it. I’ve done both their PLA and also some PETG, all was ok. It was fairly consistent for me in fact, even across colours and variations.

Some of the PETG I have used from them is on sale in the CA store under bundles for $17.50 per 1kg roll, free shipping. That’s a pretty good price! I have too much filament right now or I might have picked some up for that price.

Thanks ,what filament can i try to buy from them? :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Thanks ,what filament can i try to buy from them? :rofl:

Personally if you are starting out I’d suggest a high quality filament. one that is measured and has high QC.

If it was me I’d look at Prusament pla. It is made to an exact standard. If you start with this there is little question if you have issues that the filament is the cause.

Ive found most filament prints simmilar. If your just starting out id aim to get atleast 2 or 3 rolls that are the same material and colour. That way you can get your setting to a happy point for you.

Prusament is good, but ive found the 3dpc store brand is also good. It might just be more of a preferance thing. Though prusament id wager is made to a higher standard than other filaments. Or atleast they show you the tolerances of your filament and have slicer filament profiles which is either non-existant or not common for most other filaments ive seen.

The only things to be aware of with filaments, is dont get them tangled. Thats most likley a you thing if it happens. And i have had fresh rolls need to be dried right out of the bag. I determined they needed to be dried beacuse they weren’t printing well for their temperature range, after drying they printed perfectly. Some may see this as a quality defect, but its both an easy fix, and i suspect more common than people think. Tbh i usually dry any filament once i get it.