How about the Level-est Bed Challenge?

Alright, time to throw-down. post a pic of your bed level numbers & or visual, lowest distance between high and low wins, 9 data points minimum, prefer 25 but whatever!

Here’s mine, 0.189

challenge accepted, how about if I can get .25 on a big meter??

LOL, Im trying to find the screenshot on my last modix build…

OK, pro-rated to bed size ratios, so 1000/230 = 4.35, so my 0.189 is equivalent to 0.82mm on yours…

ROFL, fair enough,

Got caught up on a call, think you have me beat though :slight_smile:

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Well, you sold me the glass bed, so who really wins anyway?..:slightly_smiling_face:

Funny but I just spent a good hour in the shop fiddling with the knobs, attempting to get zeros across the board on my mesh. Came no where near zero, but the really small numbers I did get, led to, TADA ====> ******>>>>>>>$$$$$ a nearly perfect first layer print. Meaning I can now move on to the next steps in my journey with confidence.

I had NO IDEA that I could just adjust knobs, run a leveling, and VIEW MESH w/NUMBERS… to reveal how my twiddling was going. Now that I know that, DUH… I feel better.

Good stuff.

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How do we get a mesh graph like that anyway? Ive seen it around but no idea how to make it? My cr10s pro has a bl touch, so id like to see how mine compares.

I think you can see this in pronterface but there should be a way to see it on your printer wherever the mesh tools are or your leveling stuff

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Octoprint, Bed Visualizer is what I used.

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Thanks, ill look into that when i get time. I have an octopi, but i didnt set it up myself. Though it shouldnt be difficult to add that plugin.

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There is a web based visualizer, you grab the output from your G29 command and load it here

Same as octoprint just can throw anything at it.

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It’s like you guys aren’t even trying! :slightly_smiling_face:

Nothing but green fields over here, after moving my clamps close to the middle, and shimming the outside corners, 0.164mm

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Looking pretty green over here :slight_smile:

I would also like to make a submission for the ‘Most Warped Bed’ challange:

Ha! Looks like someone dropped an anvil on the back there…
(only the last pic came though though…)

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And we have a new winner! 0.091mm! Epic flatness - and I’m living in Saskatchewan…

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less than a 10th is epic on any day!! I have a 660 x 660 bed to do today, have to see how that goes.

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