How important is linear advance

I have been reading up on linear advance and it is clear as mud. How important is it? It doesn’t come set up in Cura (it is an add on) and to use it you need to calculate the K-Factor, What is a K-factor. I looked at the calculating sheet for this it just made things worse. It appears that it is necessary to re-calculate this K-factor for different materials and Cura settings so is it more trouble then it is worth.

Personally, I wouldn’t be without it. I went to heat lengths to learn VStudio, dig through GitHub, build whole customized configuration.h and configuration_adv.h just for that one feature. On a direct drive it is not as critical, but I still find a generic number for PETG and use it for everything. On a Bowden my opinion is it will take an average printer and make it a superstar. The next level is Input Shaping with Klipper, but that’s way out in the weeds.
TL:DR it is of primary importance to me.

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Think of K factor as if you are pulling or … pushing a rope. some ropes are more stretchy than others K factor is a way of putting a number on that

I did a little more research and found out the this is all for naught. The Creality 4.2.2 and 4.2.7 motherboards, with the silent steppers, don’t play nice with linear advance. There is a work around but it involves doing some surgery on the board, disconnecting chips and running jumpers. I’m not prepared to do that.

Yikes. I wonder what the prob is with them.

no UART mode on the motherboards I guess?

You know, now I think about it, I did that to get 2209s on my last board, with the jumpers and flashing new Marlin

my recent build printed great but the corners wernt very sharp. kinda bulbed out a bit. i enabled my linearadvance and followed chris rileys video on calculating. corners are much better. sharp even!!

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Other Creality boards are OK it seems to be just those two that don’t work.