How much does z-axis rise before homing

I am using the new plugin for octoprint called ‘Power Failure Recovery’ and I got the unfortunate chance to need it the other day when I accidentally disconnected the data cable. Gladly, the recovery plugin kicked in but unfortunately when it did the x-y homing, my Ender 3 pro rosed up a little before homing. There is a setting for this in the plugin, but for the life of me, I cannot seem to find information about what that distance it rises is.

If someone knows how find this information or knows this information, can you please help a girl out. I am not afraid to even go sifting through the firmware source if I know where to look.

Thanks in advance!

Unlike the pause print function that lifts up and moves itself to a park position the power failure functions are a bit useless. If the power fails the printer stops and usually the filament between the part and the hot end fuse everything together so when the print restarts it drags the print off of the bed. I have tried it on my Ender 3V2 and it has never worked right. The one time that it didn’t fuse everything together it started printing above the print and not were it left off. Pause print on the other hand works great.

A better choice, if this is important to you, would be to use an UPS which would give you several minutes to use the pause print command and then shut the printer down until the power comes back.

That’s fair. I am actually more concerned about the lost of data connection. The USB cables are not well placed and can be tempting to four legged creatures or even myself when working on one of the printers while the other is engaged. The time is short between the reconnect in those cases and a UPS would not be useful for such a case. That said, I do intend on getting a UPS prior to air conditioning season as the number of brown-outs or times I’ve overloaded a circuit seem to increase exponentially during that time.

In the case of the software power failure solution, my primary interest is a failure in communication between octoprint and the printer itself. The only thing is that I need that distance that nozzle rises to correct the z before resuming the print.

You know I hadn’t considered that scenario… Do you have a suggestion for a UPS? Is it possible to get a signal on power failure so that if the power doesn’t come back on before the UPS drains it parks the print head safely in such a way it can resume?

I haven’t paid much attention to them in years. I have an APC brand on my computer, it is my second one of that brand and by rights the battery should have failed years ago but it keeps on working. Both have been completely reliable. That is the best/only recommendation I can make, I haven’t used any other type. My current UPS gives me 45 to 60 min. time to shut my "puter and two monitors down.You will have to do some research on what features you can get IE: remote notification. The more you add the more $$$$$$$$$$$$$ also the longer the battery time the more $$$$$$$