How much to print?

How much electricity does it cost to print an item?

That one is a bit tricky to answer because of a ton of variables. Print Temps, Speeds, Printer size, control board, and without knowing your printer.

But, I once used one of those socket energy meters on my Ender3 and CR10v3, and got an average of about. 0.10 kWH to 0.35 kWh per hour, depending on settings, material, outside temps etc…

For my setup, PETG or anything I run at a higher temp draws more energy, enclosures seem to help minimize energy cost.

If you track it, you’ll notice significantly more energy use during the initial heating as everything gets to temp.

I’ve toyed with the idea of building a solar battery system to run a printer but gave up on that ages ago.

Basically unless you are printing large long duration prints all the time it isn’t worth worrying about.

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