How not to do 3D printing

A few days ago I installed a Dual Z Axis upgrade on my Ender 3V2 printer. In the past when printing something that had a height of more then about 3" the layers would look a little off, out of alignment like the gantry was shifting out of place. I also had problems with the gantry sagging and keeping the 6 wheels adjusted properly. Since I installed the kit all this has gone away. One problem was that I had a printed tool holder mounted on the top of the frame and this had to go to fit the leadscrew support. I replace it with a printed rail, intended to be screwed onto a wall but altered to fit the side of the table the printer sits on. 1 1/2" sq. and 6" tall, it printed perfectly, no more wobbly layers. This is where the fun began.

The desk is a steel frame glass top model and had a bolt screwed into a tube that supported the glass top. I had to remove that to slide the rail into place. No problem just move all the stuff off of the top and unscrew the bolt, slide the rail on and replace the bolt. Easy peasy. NOT!

I figured I would leave the printer there (it’s a guy thing right) and just support the top while I unscrewed the bolt and all would be good, until the table collapsed, :open_mouth:partially anyway. The glass top dropped with the printer, my dehydrator and tool box, fortunately onto a dogs padded bed. The glass didn’t break, I caught the printer, mostly and the dehydrator and tool box landed in the bed. Nothing broken, printer is fine and printing.

What is it they say “Better to be lucky then smart”. Well I guess I proved i"m not smart.

Wow glad it didn’t destroy anything. Is the dog afraid to go in his bed now? heh


No animals where kill or injured in the making of this near disaster.