How safe are resin printers with pet Birds

I have a friend wanting to get a Resin printer, but he has a bird. Is there any concern with the fumes and his bird?

Any resources we can look at?

It utterly destroys all aquatic life in moments, but… his birds need to worry more about off-gassing from PTFE tubes.

Yeah no aquatic life. Resin doesn’t use PTFE tubes.

looks like the worst thing the bird is gonna get is a headache.

NO! Absolutely not safe.

Birds have very delicate lungs. The canary in a coal mine is not just a saying, miners took canaries into the mine because fumes that wouldn’t bother humans will kill a canary. The chemical formula of resins vary a lot. Generally they are in the Methacrylate family. These are related to a whole family of acids (MAA), and is also related to acetones.

Acid gas is very toxic for birds as are solvents including alcohols like IPA. Even water washables. If an SDS has avoid breathing fumes anywhere I would not have that anyplace near a pet bird.

Random SDS:
P261: Avoid breathing dust / fumes / gas / mist / vapours / spray.

There may be irritation of the throat with a feeling of tightness in the chest. Exposure may cause coughing or wheezing.

This is in humans it is very likely this would be terminal in a bird. I cannot say for 100% but given things in a similar chemical composition is seriously toxic it is not a stretch that the related chemicals are as well.