How to best support model with very thin walls?

Hi Friends, novice here.

My question is how to best set up supports for a model
like this that is thin all over. It’s a body for a remote
control car. I appreciate any input.
Thank You So Much!
(it’s hopefully a Birthday gift for my Brother)

Is this a single part? Do you have a STL can you share that? With no image of a printable part I can’t offer suggestions

agree with @kitedemon , you may be able to take care of most of the supports just with the orientation of the model. But hard to make that call without seeing it.

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Hi Friends, thank You for Your help.
Attached is the STL i’m working from.
To reiterate, my goal is to print a shell
of this for use on an RC rig…many
problems to be solved in the attempt,
but being a total 3DP newbie, my first
learning hurdle is “simply” how to print
this shell successfully, and with “easily”
removable supports?

( after this, i’ll follow up with never-ending
questions, so maybe DON’T answer? )

i can provide the STL but i don’t know how to upload it for viewing?


If you can post a link of PM me and I’ll send you my email to send the file. With out seeing the actual file it is all guess work.

Email sent.

Hi @kevk

Nothing wrong with your post I just deleted it so your email is out there publicly.
I see Kitedemon already sent you an email.

@kevk did you send an email? I have not seen one.



So Very Cool, Jason, THANK YOU for the support and security*!*


I want to keep everyone in the community feel comfortable. You guys are the ones who drive it and stay engaged with me. I just don;t want some random to start spammin or selling emails from here.