How to enable automatic pressure advance calibration on the K1 Max

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Not sure if this is well known already, but I only recently stumbled upon this by accident the other day. I always knew that the K1 Max could do pressure advance but I just didn’t know how to enable it. Turns out that using the screen on the printer it is under {Settings>Camera>AI Function> Motion Advance}, toggle this setting on and then we can move over to creality print. Please note that this function is only available through creality print at the moment, but I am working on a way to enable it through other slicers.

Once you are in creality print navigate to the print setting and enable advanced settings and search for the setting 'Enable pressure advance", once this is found toggle it on and you should be good to go!


I always thought it was preferred to control pressure advance in klipper and disable pressure advance in the slicer…that is what I remember from the klipper documentation. Looking at my config file it is in there by default… pressure advance .04, smooth time .04

Yes you are correct,

What the slicer setting is doing is enabling the automatic pressure advance calibration through klipper. The printer disables it by default in case you don’t want it to happen. The actual control of the pressure advance is still handled through klipper, the slicer only turns the feature on or off.

Oh… OK. Have you tested it out? I am assuming it uses lidar??

Yeah I have tested it, seems to work ok. I think they have some built in settings which are a little bit less intense. The difference is small but it does seem to be there.

You are right, it does a zigzag pattern on the side of the bed and then scans it with the LiDAR.

Hi Matthew. I have a K1 max. If I enable the calibration at the start of my prints, and it prints the zigzag lines, is it OK to continue printing when the model I am printing needs the part of the bed that the zigzag lines cover? The printer doesn’t stop me from printing over the zigzag area even though the printer has the information to know that my print needs that area of the bed.

Yeah that should be fine,

If you are fast you can remove them after it has done the scan of them with the LiDAR.

Other than that the first layer should be able to just gloss over them. If you can get them off that will always be better but you should be ok, just make sure to watch the first layer!

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Ideally creality should add a feature to pause the print after calibration to allow the user to remove the zigzag lines if the lines encroach on the print area of the item being printed.