How to make my prints feel solid again

So I recently upgraded my ender 3 v2 with a Swiss all metal hot end and the Swiss metal direct drive.

I am printing with petg so my nozzle is 240 and my bed is 85.

My prints are coming out looking full and solid but when I pinch the prints it feels squishy and I can hear it crunching.

Any advice on how to fix this would be much appreciated. (Links to video would help)

@mbura please provide some more information. How many perimeters? What infill ? What density of in fill? Is it many models or just one?

Have you calibrated the extruder fully?

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@kitedemon Layer height is 0.3mm, infill is 10%, infill pattern is cubic, nozzel is 0.4mm, PETG filament , Nozzel temp is 240 and bed temp is 85. Speed. 50.0mm/s fanspeed 100%

I am such a newb.

Ok that all seems fine. I would eliminate variables try the print in PLA. We can then resolve if it is a issue with the material or the printer.

I tried to calibrate my Estep. But it would stop extruding before it would get to 100 mm I think it may extrude just 50 mm. It also has moments with its clogged and extrudes little blobs of filament. I tried to upgrade the firmware and now the printer just won’t print.

I am so frustrated

You’d be best to do one thing at a time. If the printer isn’t working with the new firmware go find the original on creality’s site and flash that back on the board.
Once you’re back to that point then focus on the extruder. If you call for 100mm but only get 50 then that’s your problem right there.

I’ve followed similar guides to this before. I find it easier to follow a list than a video.

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Yes revert back to stock firmware. If the calibration doesn’t fix the issue I’d revert back to the stock extruder. People jump the gun on swapping things out sometimes before they really understand their printer. It is very hard if you don’t have the printer dialled in before you change parts.

That exact mindset made my first year of printing a complete circus.
“Surely this next upgrade will fix everything”