How to replace the heating block

I have a Longer LK1, there were some issues with filament bubbling and stringing.

I took the bowden tube out and noticed that it had melted. So I replaced the boden tube and nozzle.

The problem is that I didn’t know what was exactly gummed up so I took apart my nozzle and cooling block.

In the process off putting them back together again it looks like I stripped the heating block from the top where the cooling block goes into. So now when I put it back together it is lose. I can get it to not be lose but then the nozzle is not flush with the heating block.

So now I want to figure out how to replace the heating block. Is there any instructions on how to do it, specifically how to remove the wiring then put it back into a new block.

Looking for some kind of video tutorial or instructions and what materials I’ll need.

Thanks for any help

They really are all very similar.

I guess also from the available heat blocks which would be the one I should get as a replacement?

Cool, I’ll check this out tomorrow.

Your nozzle should not sit tight to the heater block. Should be about a finger nail space between nozzle and heater block.

Watching the video it definitely says to leave a little space