Howdy From Richmond Hill

New to forum but have dealt with 3D Printing Canada for some time.
Ender 3 running Cura.
Got the Ender 3 a few years ago and print mostly mechanical parts in PLA.
I have a question about using the concentric settings. When I print something simple like a flat round disc It prints around the outside a few lines then jumps to the center. After about halfway it jumps outwards a few mm’s then resumes and comes back to fill in the spot left later.
Is there a way to make it print in one continuous line from center to outside or vice versa? The jumping around can cause problems with retractions etc and takes longer to print.
Thank you for listening.

What slicer are you using and what are the parameters (including infill) are you running?

Thanks for the reply
Cura 4.13.1
.6 nozzle
.32mm layer height
Top/Bottom Pattern concentric
Bottom Pattern Initial Layer concentric
100% infill
Infill Pattern concentric

Concentric can do some weird and wonderful things. If there are features on the surface then concentric tries to do everything concentric for all of them and you get some strange patterns. You can/ should upgrade Cura to 5.1, it is much better then the older version but might not fix that particular problem.

Thanks Loosenut
From what I have seen of various slicers it seems to be pretty common.
I just think it makes more sense to print in a true concentric pattern for a simple round disc. Or why it prints halfway around a circle then reverses instead of continuing around the circle.
As for Cura 5.1, I downloaded an hour ago.
Thanks, a good bunch in this forum.

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FYI. Since Cura came out with the Archne slicer engine (V5), which was a real game changer, most of the other slicer programs like Prusa slicer have adopted it. This should mean that basically all these slicer will work in the same way so the real difference is in the interface. Do you like the Cura interface or the Prusa interface etc.