HUZZAH! My First LONG time print

I just jumped right in and didn’t look back!!!
Total time: 30h 11m
Spectrum Lavender PLA
Nozz 220°
Bed 60°
Speed 50mm
File from Thingiverse
This was even scaled down to 50%!!!
Still very new but very happy with how this turned out and that’s what matters for me at this time!!! Love Figment and LOVE my pencil holder!!!
Plz be kind, if you see things wrong. Happy to listen, take notes and willing to learn…slowly LOL



Looking great!

You are getting a hang of things very quickly, great job :+1:

Did you use and supports for the underside or is that just how it came out?

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I am still so nervous to do a print that takes that long!
Looks like it turned out awesome!

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Thx Matthew!!

I laid it flat and supports were on the inside

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Thx lauran!!

Yeah it was a tad nerve racking but I kept checking in. I have a small camera on it.
Longest one b4 this print, was an articulated dragon at 13hrs. Still learning the freebies.


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