I believe I have witnessed a miracle!

Up until a month ago, I had a (modified) Printrbot Simple Metal. One of the motor drivers failed, and, since they are built right onto that board, decided to replace the board with a newer one.

My wife and her brother said they thought it would be better to just get a new printer. They decided that they were buying me a new printer for Christmas (I’m a lucky guy!). They asked which one, and I decided on an Ender 3 Pro, because of the enormous amount of community support and modifications that can be made.

I spent the last two days building it, and spent an inordinate amount of time (even for me) squaring up everything during the build.

I have the CR Touch auto bed leveling probe installed , but not connected or enabled yet.

I manually leveled the bed, and attempted a first print of a 20X20X20 calibration cube. I expected it to fail in some way, as the first one after levelling always does.

It came out PERFECT

I literally cannot find a single thing wrong with it. I have witnessed a miracle!

It’s been a pretty good day! :grinning:

Excellent. That is a great way to start!


rare occurrence for sure!

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