I have a CR10S that has issues

With Direct drive and BL touch and it has ender3 v2 motherboard and screen I need help doing firmware update

Are you trying to compile your own firmware or use a predone one?

Iā€™m hoping for one already made

Well i can help answer any questions you have related to marlin firmware, but currently am mid process of rebuilding a printer while babysitting my daughter.

It sounds like your printer was modified prior to you getting it. Luckily marlin isnt hard to set up.

Though to search for a predone firmware, look for firmware for that control board, and edit the x, y, z areas.

Here is a good reference to start for building your own if you want to try.

Ill try and look around for a predone one for you

If you use a mac you may run into driver issues. You have not really provided enough information for anyone to help.

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If you have a 4.2.2 or 4.2.7 motherboard from an Ender 3 V2 and the V2 display you should be able to use the Jyers UI extensible firmware update which is a BIG improvement over the stock Creality versions. These are on Github (see video) and very easy to install with the built in boot loader on the motherboard. Check out BV3D on You tube for a very good explanation on how to do it. There might be other settings that need to be changed do to print area differences. This is explained, with a upgrade similar to yours, on the second video.

JyersUI: AWESOME FIRMWARE for Ender-3 V2! Easy Install, New Features! - YouTube


Yes I bought a custom printer from someone and I personally never get it to work every time I try something would stop working

Unless something is actually broken the Motherboard and display with the jyers UI firmware should make it basically an Ender 3V2 but larger.