I mucked up and now seeking help

I have the Voxelab Aqulia X2 printer, all was going well until, yeah until i brought a BLtouch and i changed the bed to a magnetic sheet.

now i know you have to unplug the z axis so the z axis is unpluged and now goes up and not down

I am still new to 3d printers so if you do know the answers you need to treat me like im about 10 yrs old, no wait make it 6, no hold on they would no the answers and probably not mess things up in the first place, treat me like im in my 50’s please

Any posting to me could be a answer to the next time i do it wrong.
Thanks in advance for looking

Recheck the BLtouch wiring colors. You may have it backwards. I am assuming that when you say you unplugged the z axis you mean the Z end stop wire on the control board. The BLtouch replaces the old z-end stop.

Here is a great video on setting it up.

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Hi @Fubz

Welcome to the forum, as someone about to turn 50 not sure how I should feel… LOL Just kidding.

What you are seeing is correct, at this point the printer does not “see” any endstop for the Z axis, the only way it will feel to be safe to move is up. I am suspecting that the BLtouch is not connected into the correct ports on the board. Where you got the firmware from they should include a note or a diagram as to where you have to connect the BLtouch to the mainboard.

The self-check is, when you boot the printer the BLtouch should deploy and retract 2 times and then sit idle with both the red and the tiny blue light on steady. if this is happening you are 90% of the way there.

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Thanks guys that helped a lot and now its all done


Woo Hoo, Glad you got it, Thanks for letting us know.

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Great to hear!!!

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