I need a large two color printer

Does anyone have a suggestion for a large format 2 color printer? I prefer an IDEX printer but I understand that on large 2 color print the print heads obstruct each other. Most of my prints are in the 280mm x 280mm range and only 14mm tall. Right now I am manually pausing the prints and switching from matte black to white at a 12.6mm layer height then I unpausing the printer to finish the last 1.4mm. Right now I am using 3 - Ender 3 MAX and 1 - Ender 3 S1 Plus printers for these large prints but right now I can only get 2 prints a day out of each printer. If I can automate the color change I can get at lease 3 prints per day out of each printer.
Thanks for the input.

We have done well in the past with the Kywoo Idex, its returning to stock within 30 days or so: Kywoo3D Tycoon IDEX 3D Printer – 3D Printing Canada

The best way to get a two colour print is to print it in one of the colours and paint the other.

Thanks for the input. I have done that in the past but it gets a little tedious after lots of prints. I hoping for something more automated. The last 5 layers of the print is all 1.2mm wide hash marks and small numbers. One slip and I’ve got white paint on a black base that just took 6 hours to print and my customers will not accept that.

Thanks again, good printing,

Thanks for the input, but the two color build volume is too small at 220mm x 300mm. Most of my prints are very large around 280mm x 280mm but short only 14mm tall. I’ll keep looking. I’m looking at a Weedo x40 that uses Bowden tube print heads. Have you had any experience with company or printer? Thanks again and good printing. Jim