I need a two color printer

I print 518mm round by 14mm tall setting circles for telescopes in 4 sections and I do a color change from matte black to white at 12.6mm layer height. I am now using Ender 3 MAX and Ender 3 S1 plus printers that require a manual color swap.

I need to buy a two color printer very soon. I was ready to buy an IDEX printer but then read that the two heads may interfere with each other on large prints. Each of the four sections I print is at least 268mm x 258mm; taking up most of the bed. It is not my first choice but I may have to go to a single hot end with dual extruders.

Any suggestions or printer recommendations will be greatly appreciated. Thanks much. Jim

Any two headed printer is going to have problems like that ans /or reduced print area. You can get printers with multiple changeable print heads but $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

Thanks for the input. I may have to go the single print head and dual extruders. I am not the guy who says money is no object. It most diffidently is.

Another option is to go to an MMU. Prusa makes one and I have seen videos of people who have modded them for any printer.
ERCF is also an option for MMU.

I will add in here that if you choose to go with the ERCF you will need to have a machine that runs klipper. From what I know the ERCF does not work with any marlin based firmware’s, but if you choose to go this route the MMU’s can be very useful for tons of different projects!

Hope this helps,