I need help with printing

So I recently got my 3d printer and I have a problem I have a bltouch leveling custom springs and custom extruder but I peeled of the foil from 5he printing bed I do t know if I elwas supposed to do that because the prints aren’t sticking to the bed , I tried slowing down the printing I tried adjusting the bed I tried setting the axis witch I overshot and scratched first layer on the bed but the only thing I need to know is what to do with the filament not sticking to the bed. Help appreciated.

Ensure your bed is properly leveled. Use the BLTouch and adjust the bed so that the nozzle is at the right height.

I already did I just don’t know

Try everything again.

  1. Clean your bed very very thoroughly with first soap and water (I read an article that Dawn dish soap works better). Then clean it with isopropyl alcohol. (Perhaps there some oils from finger prints or something causing the prints to not stick)

  2. Re- level your bed

  3. Dry your filament

  4. Go to the internet and print out (on a laser or ink jet printer) some pictures of first layers that are perfect, too close to the bed and too far from the bed - that way when you start printing, you will be able to tell if you are too close or too far or just right and you can manually do some fine tuning if your automatic bed leveler wasn’t perfect.

  5. Consider a new nozzle to be safe even though yours is relatively new.

  6. Try printing again - consider downloading a specific “first layer test” they are all over YouTube. It may be that the model you are trying to print has faulty code at the beginning or something.

Once you have the bed levelling perfected everything else is easy, but bed levelling can take hours to figure out.

I releveled the bed and its fine thanks everyone