I need suggestion for new 3D Printer

Hi all … it’s been a while since I posted … I got really busy with my laser … in case you don’t remember I was having problems with my Artillery Printers and pretty much given up on them :frowning:
I have a Prusa XL on order but have no idea when it will arrive:( … so I need a decent printer to tie me over until it comes … I’m leaning toward the Creality Ender 6 but at this point I’m not sure … any recommendations would be most appreciated :slight_smile:

Happy New Year to All !

My cousin bought an ender 6 and was so taken by it he bought another 2 months later. He is happily printing with both for the last year.

I just bought an Ender 3 S1 Plus. I am totally new to 3D printing and I was up and running in no time. I spent a lot of time manually levelling the bed and now the auto level works very well. I was totally surprised how good my prints came out. I am learning by my mistakes and that is the fun of it all.

Go ahead and get something really really expensive and sit back and watch it go obsolete in 6 months.

Thank You everyone for your replies … Loosenut I’m not quite sure I understand your concept, but thank you all the same.

Take Care

I rather doubt the Bambu Labs X1 is likely to be obsolete in six months, but then, it’s not really that expensive for what you get, or so I hear.

I just recently found an article about this… 3D printer accessories are sometimes very important if you want to create a truly filigree work. I recommend to look.

I guess you wrote this but I wouldn’t call this a good or helpful article.

There’s really no explanation to anything recommended and I don’t see any indication that the person who wrote the article knows the first thing about 3D printing. For example, what is the “motherboard” and why would I want to use an older rPi?

I’m guessing this is spam, but I don’t see the end game here.

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No concept just crazed dementia and a willingness to spread the joy that I am.

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I hear you on the artillerys mine cost me more than the Prusa XL and is dead again. Buy a cheap print spend a fortune modding and time and end up with maybe an ok ish printer…

Personally my interest is not in the printers, it is printing. I will never again waste my money on a printer that has Sio many issues it needs a complete rebuild to be ½ decent.

I would suggest a Prusa Mini (I never used one but a friend loves his) or an MK3S+ I love mine.

Loosenut has hit the best part of Prusa, they have always produced upgrade kits so as tech changes you can update the printers. My MK3 to MK3s to MK3s+. My work has gone from Mk2 to a MK3s+.

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good suggestion! Thank you! Very helpfull