I switch filaments and for the life of me. The new filament just does not work

So I’ve been using the basic PLA from 3d printing Canada and it works great and i just ran out, so I tried Envirolaser’s PLA but in Blue. The filaments are definitely the same manufacturer because the spool holder is the exact same and for the life of me I cannot get it to stick to the bed. it seems that the initial problem arises at the bottom left corner. every time.

you know when you’ve been working on a problem and just cannot solve it. and you eventually go insane.(I think that’s happening) Ive tried bed leveling, cleaning with isoprol alcohol, changing slicer settings, and changing Z offset. is it possible that the filament is just utter garbage?(or am I) haha

From your photo id say your nozzle is too close to the bed and also the fist layer isn’t sticking. It could just be temperature related. Sometimes the colour of the filament requires a diferent temperature. Try increasing your bed temperature, if you’ve already tried that maybe try glue stick or hairspray on the bed.

Identical spools simply means they’re buying their spools from the same (likely Chinese) source.

As Glenn says, even if it is the same manufacturer and the same brand, just changing the dye can change the characteristics.

Use an Elmer’s glue stick. I have a new PolyCarbonate bed that behaves similarly to what you see in your photos. It’s hit-or-miss whether the filament sticks, will often work in the center for a small print but if I print multiple objects I can pretty much guarantee that at least a few of them will come unstuck early on. The glue stick was the solution. I tried Staples’ house-brand glue stick and it absolutely sucked. Elmer’s is 100% successful (so far).

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Thanks for the tips guys! I ended up trying painters tape, and so far its great. This post was mostly from just banging my head against the wall all morning. Thanks again!