I was told by someone

I was told by someone who purchased and sold thier SLA that resin prints are not durable?

I have a Creality SLA but have not to played with it much yet.

It depends on the material but for the most part that would be true. you can get “ABS-like” materials but it is not the same. :frowning_face:

I think only gain is you have better quality look on FDM

that is kinda what made me go with the FDM printer instead. If there had been an Elegoo Saturn available I would have bought it but it was never in stock so I went looking around again. there are just so many filament options that FDM just made sense.

I cannot deny the quality of the prints from the SLA but maybe I was to hasty in my purchase. I am thinking I may sell it and the wash&cure along with it.

Are you finding the prints too brittle?

Like I said, I’ve not really played with it all that much, has issues a few prints in and got discouraged with prints no longer sticking to the base or screwing up halfway through. I also find the process of cleaning and curing is a PITA

I guess the definition of durable is the question. I use both FDM and SLA, better detail with SLA but still use FDM for large chunky prints. support removal for FDM is very time consuming also.

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