If your printer is not listed here - Please Read This

Thank you very much Jason

@Gravizzle - any chance for a forum topic for people designing their own printers?

That’s actually a very good idea, I never thought of that, Consider it posted and available shortly

Please add Kingroon KP3S & Sovol SV01 , if they are not done already.

New Printer: Elegoo Neptune 2S

HI @Ted007 your printers have been added.

HI, @Stormshot1998 Your printer category has been added.

@Jason : Can you please add Creality Ender-7 please? (I tried looking for it from the list. It does not seem to be added just yet). Thanks in advance!

HI @glai

Thank you for the suggestion, WIll add it now.

Thanks @Jason :pray:

@Jason Ender 2 Pro :smiley:

Did I miss that one? Man, I have to be losing it. Will add it now

We do need some more printers added.

Creality CR-4 Max
Creality Halot Mage/Mage Pro/One/Sky/Lite/Ray/One Plus
Creality K1
Creality K1 Max
Creality Ender 3 Max Neo
Creality Ender 3 V2 Neo
Creality Sermoon D1
Creality Sermoon D3
Phrozen Sonic Mighty 8K/Mega 8K

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all printers listed have been added

Im running 3
Ender 6,
Eryone thinker se
Anet a800

Updates complete, Thanks @Kid.Icuris I will continue to add printers as requested

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We are currently running an Elegoo Neptune Pro 3, and have the Neptune Pro 4 on pre-order.

Updates complete, Threads have been added.

Thank you @KatiePor for your suggestions.

I appreciate the proactive approach in ensuring that all community members feel heard and supported. Your willingness to add printers, including those with specific 3D printers part infill requirements, to the Technical Help section, even if they aren’t currently listed, is a fantastic initiative. It’s a clear demonstration of your commitment to fostering an inclusive environment.


HI @rizwan Welcome to the community.

I personally believe nothing is forever. There will constantly be new printers added and new troubleshooting steps to add. I am always more than willing to add new things to the community and allow a place where everyone can Vent, Voice, Help and Learn. I am proud to see the community you all have developed.