If your printer is not listed here - Please Read This

Hi Everyone and thanks for taking the time to visit our Forum.

As you all are aware we just started our new 3D Printing Forums.
We are trying our best to support all of our customers and appreciate everyone’s contributions.

We started the Forums with the Printers and equipment we sell and support, however, we do want this to be an encompassing community.

We have already been requested to start a section for CNC Machines and Laser engravers/cutters. This will be coming shortly. In addition, I would like to request from you that if your printer is not listed in our Technical Help section please post in this thread and we will add it for you.

Just because we don’t carry it doesn’t mean our customers don’t use it.
We truly want to see everyone succeed.

Thank you for your time and we appreciate your visit.
Jason H


new printer:
AdimLab Gantry-S - ADDED

Additional requests

Chiron - ADDED

Wanhao (would suggest all variants) - ADDED COMMON ONES

Raise3d pro2 - ADDED
Flsun qqs pro - ADDED
Elegoo mars pro resin printer - ADDED

Hi Couchracer

Thanks for the post, we will add them in, I have never heard of the FLsun before, how does it print?

Jason H

Printrbot Simple Metal. Old, but reliable (especially with a new hot end and a heated bed) - ADDED

Modix — we need some large format content! - ADDED 120x, 120z, 180x, 40, Meter

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My current machine is an Adimlab Gantry Pro. - ADDED

Hi Toxic,

Welcome to the forum, that’s a couple of adminlab machines on here now, I will get them added in the morning

Jason H

Xinkebot Orca 2 Cygnus, - ADDED
Kelant S500, -ADDED
and the lowly Tevo Tarantula. - ADDED
also Creality CrS10 Pro. - ALREADY THERE

Geeetech a10m. - ADDED
I changed the extruders to the SeeMeCNC ezr. -ADDED Rostock MAX

hi @andr3w

Thanks for the post and welcome to the forum. We will get all these machines added this week.

Thanks for the welcome and for adding the printer.

I’ve got a (I suspect rather unknown) TwoTrees Sapphire Plus… - ADDED

While waiting for CR-6 parts I bought a discounted open box FLSun QQ-S…

I would not mind someone adding the FLSUN QQ-S.

After fixing the QQ-S (1 issue) and the CR-6 SE ( ~6+ issues) I now enjoy using both printers…

I have Geeetec A10, I added a glass bed

FLSUN Delta’s Print Fairly nice. They’re a good Value for the cost!

Only down side is it’s hard to get parts for.