Ikea accessible products

I know this is an old project. My nephew has disabilities and I have printed a handful of assistive items for him. The thisables is a project that partnered with a major brand, Ikea. Maybe in the future more designs like these will be available for more items to help people who donโ€™t conform to averages.

There are a number of collections of assistive things but few are partnered with large manufacturers,


I wasnโ€™t aware Ikea was doing this. Thank you for sharing it. It would have come in handy a few years ago when my mother was still alive. Back then I just had to improvise. What I could have done with a 3D printerโ€ฆ

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My nephew isnโ€™t really able to articulate what he needs help with all the time. It is a lot of guessing. I find it fantastic to see what professionals do. I take inspiration from them.

Wow thanks for posting this. :slight_smile: