I'm the first?!?

Well, I can’t be the only one that got the TS3 laser.
Here a few of the things I have been working on.


These look great!

Playing with slate coasters now. Pretty easy really.

Oops, forgot the Christmas stuff. (I know, bit early for that kind of stuff)

awesome job @Bikemike!

Thought I would give a bit of an update on my TS3.
I was a bit disappointed when I found out it did not have the clearance to etch a 30oz yeti tumbler. Or anything else over 3.25 inches dia on the rotary.
So I put on the thinking cap (on and off) for a few weeks.
Fired up catia (just slight overkill) and came up with a 1 inch spacer.
3D printed 14 of them and got longer bolts.
Raised the case with 8 of the spacers and the frame with the other 6.
Rotary stayed on the base plate.
Tested it out and it works fine for the large stuff now.
Going to be making four .5 and four 1 inch spacers so I can adjust the rotary up and down as I wish.

The problem I thought I was going to have was the ventilation with the 1 inch gap all around the bottom. (I vent outside.)
Well well, did a large burn with lots of engraving and cuts on birch plywood. The ventilation has increased significantly and the smoke stains from cutting has reduced significantly.

Happy again!!!

that’s amazing, is that the laser we sell here in the store?

Has anyone else gotten one?
With this mod it makes it a great engraver/cutter.
A bit on the small side, but still great!

I was actually debating it, very cool. My wife just bought a resin printer, maybe now I can get a toy too :slight_smile:

It can do a lot of cool stuff. I have not had the chance to do everything it can do.
Been doing a lot of layered Christmas stuff lately.
Oops, didn’t realize I already posted them. :crazy_face:

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Been messing around with bamboo cutting boards.
They seem to burn pretty good.

And glasses and light switch plates.

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That’s a lot of neat stuff you are making with that engraver!

Once you get the technique right, glass etching comes out great.

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That’s awesome, they look great!

Very hard to take a pic of a mirror, and I still need to pick up the shadow boxes to get the back lighting in, but here is the latest project.
Etched on the back of the mirror.


now that is just cool

Some people want the strangest things.
12 X 5 inch slate signs for the bathroom in the house.
I would have never thought there was a use for that font!

I would agree, I would never have imagined a market for it.

However, I believed I was wrong once before, … But I was mistaken… LOL