Image preview in gcode

So i only recently discovered that how prusaslicer (for the mini) has a feature where it can display a preview of your gcode object from the printer.

I wanted to try and implement this both in cura on my other printers and from prusaslicer onto my cr10spro.

Here is a link to some snapmaker users who have done this in cura.

Has anyone else implemented this into their printers? Any tips? Resolutions? Plugins?

Im currently away from my printer, but id like to try and leave my feedback when i get back. Untill then id like to see what everyone else thinks of this or how they have implemented this.

I should probabily add, i use prusaslicer and cura 4.11 atm. And all my printers now have colour screens.

Ive never tried the creality slicer, but does it have the gcode image preview implemented?

Ooooo. Nice. It makes me want to add a colour display to my Ender5Pro.

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The Creality slicer is an older version of Cura with the names ETC. changed to look like Creality made it. You can download the newest version free. I’m not sure what you mean by the gcode image preview but cura does have a preview mode that lets you look at each layer just like Prusalicer does. You just scroll a slider up and down to see inside the layers of the model if that is what you mean.

The image previewer im talking about would allow you to see a preview of the model when you select that file on your printer. You would need a colour screen atleast to use this feature.

My prusa mini has this implemented in prusa slicer. And i found where its implimented, just im unsure how to set up the resolution correctly for my cr10s pro, or on my btt tft 35.

So i slice my file, save it to the usb drive, plug that into the printer, and when i select that file, it shows a image of the file im printing. Say a benchy oriented along the x axis and a benchy along the y axis. I could see that. Its i guess kind of just a novelty, but from what i understand is it saves this preview as a image into the gcode itsself.

Im not even sure if its a feature native to cura now or needs a 3rd party plugin. Just if it was native then perhaps the creality slicer may have it implimented for their colour screen equipped printers.

OK so I’m batting zero today, not just wrong but completely wrong.

Here is what i mean.

I tried just copying the info for this to my cr10s pro, and no dice. So either my numbers are wayy off, or more likley i need to dig deeper.

Ill report back if i come up with anything.

Looks nice but what is it for other then a picture, does it have other functions?

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Sometimes ill have for an assembly on one card I need to print… I reay hate printing the same part twice by accident lol. This helps


Its just a picture thats imbedded into the gcode. Lile @Glenn said, its a QoL thing when you print assemblies or reslice a part multiple times, or come back to a sliced part after awhile.

That’s OK. If you’re going to do something, be thorough about it :slight_smile:

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I may just be an airplane mechanic, and know little to nothing about lots of things.

But i always tell people. If your going to skrew it up. Be certain about it. Or maybe i said do a good job at it. Idk.

Jks if you cant tell.

That being said i always remember my mistakes so all is good for swinging and missing. Thats how we learn :slight_smile: my golden rule though is noone gets hurt.

If Noone keeps getting hurt, how do you manage to get them to continue to participate?

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Actually having a picture like that would be handy.

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