In-Depth Interview: Anisoprint’s Leadership Discusses Innovation, Expansion, and Future Ambitions in 3D Printing

Anisoprint, a pioneering entity in composite 3D printing technology, has taken significant strides towards improving its manufacturing prowess and reaching out globally. The firm’s shift towards manufacturing activities in China signifies a strategic move to make use of the region’s well-known manufacturing competence and supply chain efficacy. The newly appointed CEO of Anisoprint, Ryan Liu, implies that the shift towards China is propelled not only by cost factors but also other elements.

According to Ryan, “China is not merely globally recognized for its manufacturing because of the cost. The stringent competition has led to Chinese suppliers having some of the highest quality standards worldwide.”

In concurrence with Ryan’s view, Fedor Antonov, the newly appointed CTO of the company, underscores the crucial role played by China’s manufacturing ecosystem in achieving a swift upscaling of production.

“China’s supply chain capabilities and competitive landscape have enabled us to establish a robust production line in a fraction of the time compared to our previous endeavors,” explains Fedor. “With the support of experienced local talent and efficient logistics, we have streamlined our manufacturing processes to meet growing demand.”

Ensuring Quality Control and Consistency

With the increased production speed in China, maintaining strict quality control measures becomes absolutely crucial. Anisoprint has implemented all-encompassing quality assurance protocols to uphold product integrity and consistency throughout the manufacturing process.

“Our method of quality control is disciplined and persistent,” confirms Ryan. “We have made investments in skilled professionals and cutting-edge facilities to maintain the topmost standards of quality assurance.”

Fedor discusses the firm’s emphasis on quality control, highlighting the synergy of European engineering proficiency and local manufacturing facilities.

As per Fedor, “Quality control is an art of discipline. Our experienced engineers from Europe guide our local Chinese team, putting in place strong quality control protocols. The aim is to maintain consistency and reliability across all our products.”

Fedor Antonov – CTO Anisoprint.

Future Growth Strategies and Innovative Objectives

Anisoprint’s strategic plans include expanding beyond manufacturing to establish a new 8000 square meter factory in Suzhou, China. This move is designed to enhance the firm’s production capacity and inspire innovation in composite 3D printing technology.

Ryan states, “The planned expansion is a noteworthy landmark in our evolution. By having a contemporary facility within an exciting industrial biosphere, we are positioned to fast-forward innovation and supply our customers with avant-garde solutions.”

In agreement with Ryan’s sentiments, Fedor spotlights the company’s strategic location and collaborations’ potential benefits.

“Our upcoming facility in Suzhou offers a perfect platform for innovation and teamwork,” asserts Fedor. “Backed by local authorities and industry collaborators, we are bullish about our potential to push technological boundaries and fulfill our growth objectives.”

Anisoprint Suzhou facility. (Image Credit: Anisoprint)

Research and Development Initiatives

Anisoprint’s commitment to innovation extends to its research and development endeavors, particularly in the exploration of new material profiles and composite materials. Fedor outlines the company’s research priorities and strategies aimed at advancing composite 3D printing technology.

“Our research focuses on enhancing productivity, expanding material offerings, and optimizing part performance,” explains Fedor. “By leveraging thicker fibers for higher deposition rates and exploring high-temperature engineering materials, we aim to push the boundaries of composite 3D printing capabilities.”

Software Enhancements and Future Vision

Anisoprint’s software platform, Aura, plays a pivotal role in optimizing the 3D printing workflow and enhancing user experience. Ryan provides insights into the upcoming features of Aura 3 and its implications for users.

“Aura 3 represents a significant advancement in our software capabilities,” says Ryan. “With features such as topology optimization and Aura Connect integration, users can expect enhanced functionality and streamlined workflow management.”

Aura 3 software. (Image Credit: Anisoprint)

Looking ahead, both Ryan and Fedor express confidence in Anisoprint’s trajectory and emphasize their commitment to driving innovation and achieving strategic milestones.

“We are excited about the future of Anisoprint and the opportunities that lie ahead,” says Ryan. “With ongoing fundraising efforts and a clear vision for growth, we are well-positioned to lead the next wave of innovation in composite 3D printing.”

Fedor shares this optimism, underscoring the company’s focus on overcoming technological challenges and capitalizing on emerging opportunities.

“Challenges create opportunities, and we are ready to seize them,” affirms Fedor. “By leveraging our expertise, partnerships, and relentless pursuit of excellence, we are confident in our ability to shape the future of composite 3D printing.”

In conclusion, Anisoprint’s recent developments underscore its commitment to innovation, quality, and growth in the field of composite 3D printing. With a strategic manufacturing transition, expansion plans, and ongoing research initiatives, the company is poised to redefine industry standards and drive technological advancements. By leveraging its expertise and fostering collaborative partnerships, Anisoprint aims to empower customers with cutting-edge solutions and cement its position as a leader in the global 3D printing landscape.


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