"In the Pause"?

cr10 s pro v2, tiny machines firmware

Does anyone know what it means when the printer says that it is “In the Pause”? I sliced a new file in Cura and tried to print it but where it would normally say “3D Printer Ready” in the top left corner of the screen instead it says “in the Pause” and does nothing. I didn’t change any of the Cura settings from my last slice but when I try to print a file I’d previously sliced it works fine so there must be something in the gcode or something. I grepped through the file and didn’t see an M25 or anything so I’m at a bit of a loss as to what might be happening here. Anyone experience this before?

Are the temperatures changing at this point? I wonder if that’s Chinglish or something, trying to indicate that it’s in a control loop waiting for some conditions to be met (bed temperature to be reached, nozzle temperature to be reached, or some other sensor input).

No it didn’t appear to be doing much of anything. I grabbed a different STL and sliced it and it is currently printing just fine so I’m not sure what might be going on. After this print is done I’ll slice the original again and see what happens.