Increasing thickness

I am trying to increase the thickness of the base and the sides of a part. I have tried many settings, but each print is the same. Software Ultimaker Cura. I have attached a pic of the object.
There are attributes in the Ultimaker Cura software that suggest that the thickness of the walls and top and bottom can be changed. It is interesting when I increase the values on those attributes the amount of time to print the object decreases. I do not understand how this is suppose to work.
Please help.

I’m not sure exactly what you’re trying to do but hope this helps. The envelope of the design will be maintained. thicker walls mean less infill between the walls, not a bigger part. make the walls thicker in your design then slice it.

You have to go back and alter the original CAD model.

I guess I cannot do what I wanted, to increase the thickness of the sides and bottom of the part in this picture, in Ultimaker Cura. The current part is too thin that it cracks when the bolts are tightened. I thought a increase in the thickness might make it stronger. This is the consensus of participants in two 3D forums. I shall have to go back into the CAD software to remake the model. New challenge since all I have for that model is the .stl. Thanks everyone.![|480x640](file:///C:/Users/colwe/AppData/Local/Temp/lu31756dwoorv.tmp/lu31756dwooto_tmp_d471444df72c3ade.jpg)

If the size is right, you could always go 100% infill.

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I would agree with @Bikemike

Infill would be my goto to make it stronger.

Thank you all. I did as you suggested, I imported it into Blender and changed the thickness of the sides. Followed these steps.
The easiest way to add thickness to a model is to use the “Solidify” modifier.
• Select your object, then go to the Modifiers tab of the Properties editor.
• Click “Add Modifier” and then choose “Solidify” from the Generate section (Blue box).
• Increase the thickness to however thick you desire. 3.0 is a good starting point.
• If you want to make these changes permanent you can hit “Apply.” This is not necessary though, and leaving it as it is will allow you to edit the modifier later.

thanks for that Boyde,

I have marked this as a solution, Appreciate your instruction.

Just an update. Some CAD programs will let you open an .STL file and edit it so that is another option.