Indoor ASA/ABS filters

I print mostly in PETG but I am going to print some ASA and ABS indoors.
I don’t want open windows so would the following be acceptable at the hobby level???

  • charcoal filter commonly used in grow tents (cylinder approx 7" dia by 14" tall)
  • HEPA filter claiming to be 99+% down to 0.5 micro.
  • 4" inline fan - 100 cfm but may need stronger with both filters.
  • I printed connectors for the above
  • I am making a makeshift enclosure for my 2 printers ( approx 30"x48"x 45")


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@kyklist I built a charcoal filter . I used a pair of usb powered 4 inch pancake computer fans. It moves air through not a massive amount. I put filter wool for aquariums on top of the charcoal.

It makes a difference to the smell of ABS. It is not enough to knock it down completely it is hard to quantify but by smell about ½.

From what I learned you need the inline fan for the cfm, 100 is double what I have but to be honest more wouldn’t go wrong is my guess. I think both filters is smart, the micro particles is part of the hazard. Mine is fully enclosed but does vent out it isn’t a perfect seal. It also gets unbelievably hot inside.

My filter is recirculating, I thought it was better for heat control and perhaps fuse management. I believe it is a good idea but my execution is not a good one.

I hope you keep us posted! I’d very much like to see what you come up with that improvements on my clumsy attempt