Induction 3D Printer Hot End


Here’s something that’s quite new for your 3D printer’s hot end:

I’m really putting it up here because its so rare that there is something new when it comes to 3D Printer hot ends.

Having said that, I have a number of questions as to this approach, especially with the longer melt zone in this hot end as being practical for filament changing and not getting heat creep as well as the cost and robustness of the (apparently) longer nozzle.

They seem to imply that the hot end fan is not required with this heater/nozzle type.

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Ive been trying to look up some additional info on it, Looks very interesting but cannot find any media on it.

I just saw it on my Kickstarter feed.

Interesting and they’ve clicked the right boxes with things like Klipper support, but I haven’t seen enough to convince me to buy one to try it out and I have the reservations noted above.

I may be a bit of a negative nelly, but I am not convinced about the nozzle that will not wear out or the ability to keep the temp under such control it won;t string.

Now on the same note I will test the heck out of it and see how it stands up, but I usually am a bit skeptical of wild off the rail claims.

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I’m looking forward to hearing what you say about it.

As I said, I would wait for an independent review before looking seriously at it myself.

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I can say it’s not the first induction heater for 3d printing. Others have taken a crack at it. I’m using such an induction heater for a slightly different purpose and they heat up so fast it’s scary. The current drawn as the part heats up - I think - can be used to monitor the temp. That’s something I’ll have to do eventually.

My coil is made from a copper tube and has to be water -cooled.

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