Infill % whats your opinion?

Whats up everyone im curious what % infill you guys use aswell as what type of infill… ive started bumping my infill .1-.2 wider than my nozzle and getting great results before this i used to use the infill multiplier ( in cura 4.8) do to spotty infill in some areas… as for the style of infill gyroid is badass looking but i find myself using cubic more often then not …

What about you guys ? Also have you found a type of infill to be faster printing or stronger?

If I am concerned wth strength I tend to add perimeters first and often will choose adaptive cubic these days. it doesn’t seem to change strength fr me and prints faster with less material than others.

Typically 20% maybe 30% on occasion I want something heavier so it gets maybe 50-65%

For fast printing support cubic hands down. It is absolutely faster.

Infill 20%-10% depending on the object.

Gyroid for all translucent ! too cool


For most parts I stick my standard of 10% cubic infill.
Seems to be a decent mix of material savings, speed and top layer support.

If the model has alot of flat top layers I’ll bump it up to 15-20% infill.

If I want to add density or some strength I’ll add a few perimeters and bump infill up to 25-40%.

I’ve heard that ‘gyroid’ infill pattern can make some stronger parts, but I haven’t honestly noticed the difference between it and cubic in my printing.

I’ve tried supportive cubic in Prusa Slicer recently, it’s interesting, but I had a few issues with part strength with it.


Gyroid for translucent! I have to try that out @kitedemon.

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I use gyroid mostly. Printing some new cooling ducts now because the stock ones don’t fit. Ill tell you cooling matters if there’s any overhangs with petg.

I mostly use gyroid and bounce between 10% to 20%. If i want strength i go for more permiters. I use gyroid beacuse i think it looks cool mostly.

Unless specified by a customer or required for a specific job, I use 15% infill and adjust the strength via perimeters and modifiers (in Prusaslicer). When printing with Natural (transparent), I love using Gyroid for its cool look. Prusaslicer has many interesting infills… almost too many to choose from! :wink:

Cubic subdivision mostly 10% - 20%. Concentric if I am making xmas ornaments. Make an interesting shape in tinkercad, slice with no top layers and the infill is the ornament.