Installing Creality 10s hotend kit

I was just recently given a creality 10s, that has some issues. I am completely new to these kind of printers, having only used Resin printers in the past. So not entirely comfortable just cutting into things with zero direction…lol.

I ordered a new hot end kit but once i started taking things apart it because clear that its not a plug & play swap. The end of the wires on new hot end kit has a small white 2 hole (female) plug. Yet i can not find out where it goes. When I pull the cable sleave back on the original cable, the wires go straight into the large plug (the part that gets plugged into the control board).

I can’t find any videos either on replacing the whole unit (since i purchased the kit), not just the hot end. Does anyone know where I can find some instructions. I don’t really want to cut & splice wires unless I absolutely have to.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks