Installing hot end

I’m adding a new heater block and heat break. The old thermistor wasn’t in the hole very far on the old heater block and I don’t think it was actually touching the metal I wonder if I should be putting thermal paste on it when I install it in the new block?

Yes, you should. The paste conducts heat better than air and while the surrounding air will eventually reach the heater temperature, you’ll get more accurate tracking of the desired temperature with a more thermally conductive medium.

6 printers and have never used thermal paste.

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Yeah, I didn’t use any too hot a spot for it, seems to work fine. Still 25° too cold but didn’t expect that to be fixed. I was surprised my printer already had an all metal heatbreak so maybe this exercise was unnecessary.

Glenn is that a clone volcano (if memory servers you have a volcano?) or a real one. I found the real deal the thermistor fits tight. The clone not at all, I also found them not to be interchangeable. My clone thermistor is larger and my heal clock smaller than the real article.

I would expect the thermistor to be a good fit. It should not be loose.

it’s a small glass bead kind. it’s not tight and is retained with a screw on the wires which is not great.

The e3d is a metal tube it is snug.

Yes i’ve seen those on machines, these little glass ones are like whats on one of mytemperature probes

Yes I have some too. The real e3d ones just fit well. The other ones to my mind are too loose.