Interesting Product!

Please check it here:
Nonoilen® | Fillamentum

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I like that! Should get some of that

I wonder if this will catch on with other manufacturers?

I’d like to see Steffan from CNC Kitchen do his testing on it.

I am curious but having my job and getting 100s of the new awesome better than everything product announcements every month, I am very skeptical.

They claim it breaks down in 90 days not months in an industrial composter. 90 days? Sounds like months to me. Wageningen University just finished a study of PLA in industrial composers and they are demonstrating complete breakdown of PLA in 22 days.

It is tough compared to stiff. ??? ok. Yes Steffan need to tinker.

It is listed as ‘non-translucent’ and regular PLA is translucent, at least until you add pigments.

The only difference of note I see is the temperature resistance.

I use fillamentum a bit, a few KG in the past year. Not a lot but some for sure. They make great filament. But weeding through the marketing speak, it sounds like most PLAs on the market and not really that new. There are other PLAs around that you can degrade in non industrial composter in fact in a few days in warm water. It isn’t a new idea or additive.

How much is marketing is hard to say until somebody gets real world testing done.

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