Introducing a new slicer program

I did originally see a mention of it on the forum here, cannot find the thread or I would give credit where it’s due.

New Slicer is now available for download, It’s called SuperSlicer.
It’s actually a fork off of PRUSA slicer but with quite a few new features.

I’ve been tinkering with it for the last couple of days and I have to say it’s pretty easy. The interface is intuitive, buttons and options are where you would logically think they should be. There are base profiles for most filament and printers, anything you find you want to modify it’s really easy to branch out to a new profile by simply renaming it. All of the options have a fly-out window that explains what each one of the options does, reminds you of the default settings so you can see if you’ve modified it. It has a bunch of built-in calibration tools that are just easy to use.

For the most part, I try to use both Cura and PRUSA slicers because I try to keep familiar with both to be able to answer questions about them. however, it means I have a couple of profiles in one slicer that works well and the same in the other. Think I am going to finally condense it into one slicer that works well.

I have included links below if you want to download and have a look at the intro or use video.

Let me know if you try it and what you think

Download link

Teaching Tech intro video

Technivorous 3D Printing intro video

Release Notes

Ill likley give it a try when i get some time, do you know if it has something simmilar to cura’s tree supports?

I was actually going to play with that a bit tonight, got some new stuff I wanna print.