Irregular print area on one side

Hi everyone, having yet another problem with my Ender 5+…every time i fix one thing something else happens…i’ve had so many issues with this damn thing. After 2 weeks in the shop, releveling repeatedly, redoing the esteps, unclogging a few times and finally replacing a burned wire it printed well for 3 prints…

Then inexplicably it started doing this…

it is a big piece and in the back right corner of the plate so i didn’t notice until it was over 2 days into the print. Its clearly happening in the same spot every time…any suggestions on what it is?

Normal side shown for reference…


Hi Kris

That does look strange, when the printer is printing does it make any kind of movement around the infill or when you are looking at it from across the room does it look like it’s printing a circle? Does it have fluid motion through that corner or is it pausing momentarily?

That almost looks like a rapid pause within the slicer although that’s a hard one to call

If I was to troubleshoot it here is what I would do, the First imagine looking top down on your printer, the back of the printer by the Y-axis motor is 12 o’clock, and where you are standing is 6 O’clock.

For the sake of explaining stuff let’s say this bad texture on your print is occurring at 12 O’clock. Take a much smaller but similar print (round edges), Slice it and print it, and see if any defect shows up at the 12 o’clock position. If you are getting a defect in the same location then the problem is mechanical in nature, Nozzle, V-wheel, belt, motor etc. If you cannot get the defect to show up in a new print use your existing model, go into your slicer and rotate the model 90 deg left or right, So now where the defect was on the previous print is changed to either 3 or 9 o’clock. Start printing your model again, If the defect stays at 12 the problem is mechanical, if the defect moves to 3 or 9 the problem is model or slicer. if you cannot see the defect in the new slice, the problem is solved and you’re welcome… LOL, Just kidding. Transient problems are the worst to troubleshoot, Best to lay out a plan and rule out what it’s not one at a time.

My Gut reaction to the first picture was nozzle went bad. Just don’t like jumping to conclusions.

Thanks Jason…i’ll print a large ring and see if it happens

I am ready to get rid of this printer now…this is 6 weeks or more since it malfunctioned and i’ve been trying to get any consistent prints…I did this flat smaller print before doing the ring suggested. It seemed to be printing well but this is brutal…totally unusable and a waste of filament and time…What is going on with this printer?

these look terrible.
what is happening?

Just a wild off the wall guess, but when was the last time you changed the nozzle?

Its a Hardened steel nozzle, so I am hoping it should be still function well, as well for this (the second print) I could buy that as the cause…I’ll change it up. But the first from 2 days earlier was perfect except on the top right side of the circle…would a nozzle problem cause that?

I was more looking at the last pic’s.
But, if the nozzle is out of shape it could be possible that it only happens at certain angles.
That is just a guess…

What material are you printing. If it is PLA or similar (non-abrasive) then try putting in an ordinary brass tip and see how it prints. That would tell you if it is a nozzle problem.

Using PETG, I releveled the bed and its a bit better, but still getting odd spots…I’ll try changing up nozzle when I have a little time. Thanks :slight_smile:

Standard PETG should be fine with a brass tip.

what temps are you running and how much fan are you using?