Irregular surface elgoo saturn resin prints

Hi Everyone, just hoping for some insight. I have been printing with my Elgoo Saturn for about 2 years now and I love the prints I get. I have noticed that i’ve started getting some small irregularities on the surface and occasionally a small pit or 2. Trying to decide what that problem could be. I originally thought perhaps I needed to replace the FEP but not sure how it would cause this. I’m attaching a few pictures. Let me know if you think this may be a settings vs a hardware issue and I can upload my print settings if that helps.


Has the FEP film ever been changed or has it remained the same over the printers life?

It is possible that the fep could cause this issue, debris can build up over time which could be causing issues in the prints. Do the irregularities seem to be happening consistently in the same spots or are they randomized?


I have changed it a few times but it has been a few months. I believe the irregularities are in the same spot but mostly no its small surface issues or lines. I was going to try changing it but honestly its such a pain like 48 screws that I wanted to make sure it wasn’t something else first. One person online suggested the pixels were going and the screen was about to die. Im hoping its the FEP

Yes its definitely much easier to change the fep and make sure it is not that then to change the whole screen and realise it was the fep all along!

So I changed the fep (and realized there had been a little leak over the screen so removed the lcd screen protector (great investment lol). It is printing MOSTLY better but i’m getting lines across the print…I am printing a flat bar shaped object…at 30 degrees with supports and about every cm or so there is a faint line straight across the print. The rest of the issues are mostly resolved but this persists? Any ideas?

Could you send a picture of the part you are trying to print, I am curious to see these lines!