Is is me or is there some sort of PLA shortage?

I’m having a tough time just finding basic blue at any local retailer and 3DPC hasn’t had it in weeks. My production has ground to a halt since I no longer have enough blue to complete one full model and, given problems I’ve had with 3DPC’s quality control, I’m reluctant to make more blue parts for fear the next batch of blue won’t colour match my last roll from them.

I’ve noticed that too. I also buy some sometimes but they’ve been sold put of my preferred colours for over a month now. And has insane prices IMO. Hopefully whatever is going on gets resolved soon.

Because of covid, shipping containers are less available. So one big shipment has turned into many smaller shipments resulting in delays in receiving. 3DPC is expecting a shipment in about 1 week!


Can’t wait for it! I have so many colours, just not the ones I need.

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Yes, it’s hard to fine good quality ones in stock. I switched over the Eryone brand on and so far so good but the stock is low. Crossing my fingers they get some more in. They usually get them in stock in a few weeks at a time.

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I am eagerly awaiting a restock of the 3D Printing Canada house brands. I have had a ton of success with the standard and value lines. I have not worked with any better brand for the pricing. I have had next to no issues with that. I look forward to that order arriving as I want to stock up in the event of any future shortages!


Hey Tony, is there any update on this? I am eagerly awaiting some 3DPC PLA.


We are expecting deliveries this week!

That’s great news. Thanks for the update!

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Hey Tony. Has any restock happened and I missed it?

As far as I know 3DPC doesn’t make filament, they bring it in and have to rely on the makers for quality control.
If there is an issue with a roll they are usually good at replacing bad rolls.

Hey @ChicoQuente, the delivery has been delayed and will be in next week, hoping for Tuesday!

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woo, this is what I came to find out. Did you get your stuff in?

It is in now! Get it while its hot!


Is there an ETA for black PETG? That still seems to be out of stock.