Is PETG hard to print?

I’m thinking about trying to print PETG but It looks daunting. I have a Slice Engineering all metal heat break to handle the higher temps but what else is required. I can set the print profile in Cura to PETG which should take care of most of the settings and will dry the filament. Anything else???

The first layer I find is a bit more particular about how much it gets squished than Pla. Too much and you end up with big goobers stuck to the nozzle or a pile of whispy strings, and not enough has poor adhesion and is prone to curling.
Other than that I print in an enclosure because it seems to be happier and more consistent when it’s warm and draft free but that might not be necessary depending on your room environment.

Apart from that it isn’t really that much more challenging I find than PLA. It’s a good next step.

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generally speaking, I print PETG 0% fan (assuming my layer sizes are over 30 sec to print), starting temp for white is 225, and Black is 230. Retractions are 2.5mm @40mm/sec bowden, 1.5mm @50mm/sec on a direct drive

I am printing PETG armrests right now and I am getting 2-3 whisps through the inside hollow of the print, Rest is flawless. I am printing it on a Modix but the doors are not on it yet so it’s pretty well open-air.

The base speed is 100mm/sec, everything else is a % of that.

I seem to be an anomaly I have not had any issues with PetG. I find it about exactly the same as printing pla.

I use 230 first layer 240 the rest Bed 85/90
Cooling I use 30 min and 50 max

I have a direct drive so reaction is low 0.8mm

I do have a not very drafty enclosure. I do not print it all closed up as I get heat creep so I open a vent farthest from the printer.

I think the enclosure makes all the difference. Petg prints are indistinguishable from PLA other than they are softer ish.

I’m in the same boat. I print it just like PLA, but with the part cooling fan off.

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Direct drive and enclosure made a big improvement in printing petg for me. Printer was in a room where door opens often and I sometimes had an issue with the surface facing the door. I keep a side and top of the enclosure opened. PEI seems like a good material to print on. That was a nice upgrade. So far both, pla and petg, stick well and come off easily after cooling. Temps vary on the product and printer.

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