Is Prusa slicer really that much nicer?

I’ve been hearing and seeing people saying how awesome the Prusa slicer is. I’ve basically only used Cura. I was gonna try the Creality slicer but I couldn’t get it to install on my computer for some reason. I also tried using slic3r once too but I found it quite hard to use. I guess I was just curious as to why people would choose the Prusa slicer over others. Forgive me if this is a completely irrelevant question. I personally haven’t needed more than Cura has to offer so I haven’t bothered researching slicers much but maybe I would be better off using something else?

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I use both. They both have really nifty features for select applications.

If I’m printing PETG and need supports, I found that the Cura tree supports are super easy to remove and work extremely well compared to the PrusaSlicer supports. Cura is my go for things needing alot of supports, I love those tree supports. I also prefer how Cura does its skirt and brims.

On the other hand, with basic profiles on my Ender 3 and CR10, Prusa Slicer seems to give me crisper walls and generally cleaner prints.
I also really, really like their supportive infill, options for adaptive layers, variable fan speeds and few other options that Cura just doesn’t have.

I say to try both out!


Be aware that Creality’s slicer is really just an earlier version of Cura.

There is also a new kid on the block called MatterControl (MatterControl - 3D Printing Software | MatterHackers) which I haven’t had a chance to try yet but purports to be able to take you from design to gcode with one program.

I use the Prusa slicer. I really like the new infills adaptive and support cubic where they vary density depending on the model. I also like the pain on seam position and supports. I do agree cure support is easier to remove. Nothing is perfect. Sometimes what you are comfortable with is best.

I try and flip between both, I actually prefer PRUSA but customers use either so I need to know both.

Generally use Cura at work and PRUSA at home, figured its the best way to be familiar with both,

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Bruce’s slicer is very technical to make one wrong setting you can mess up the whole print I recommend watching lots of videos on it because yes it is the best slicer if you get the hang of it you will love it

I swapped from Cura to Prusa about a month ago at the start of a big project and yes, yes it is that much better. I actually find that the prints turn out just a little nicer even with the same settings.


@TriPunk I switched a while ago and though I was imagining that!

Been using Simplify 3D for 5 years and I like it but its not getting updates so ive been trying PrusaSlicer and its been good except I dont like how it handles different filament and printer profiles… confuses me

I installed it on my computer but I find it quite confusing to setup. Anyone have a profile or something for a CR6 SE? I’m not all that bright when it comes to things like that🤪

the newest update actually comes with most Creality printer profiles. I’ve attached a pretty good video on how to set it up.


I switched recently from Simplify3D to PrusaSlicer. Prior to that I used Cura.
I found Simplify3D produced better prints with less tinkering than Cura. I chose it for its GUI, the Cura endless-list-of-options-in-a-tiny-window approach is not useful to me.
I am dropping Simplify3D due to no hope of getting updates.

PrusaSlicer 2.x has done good job on the GUI. I think they are taking the best of various solutions and implementing them over time.

The GUI issue with Cura is that you can’t at a glance see your possible options for a particular topic such as Infill. With Simplify3D and PrusaSlicer you see all of the possible options, and can thus focus on what might be useful for your particular situation at the time.

Presently having some issues getting things dialled in for my Ender 3 Pro but it is submitting to my efforts. Not their fault, I changed a few things on the machine at the same time, I know better but did it anyway :slight_smile:

I’m still new to this and have been going back and forth but I find a consistent reduction in time (often many hours difference) when slicing in PrusaSlicer. I like the paint on support/blocker, but yeah the Cura supports are a lot easier to remove though. However I know that with the right settings PRusa will allow just the right amount of space between the supports and the print to help with that