Is there a better quality red transparent filament

trans parent red filament Not sure if anyone can open these pictures
trying to print this red transparent filament, PET G, I bought $23, from 3D Print Canada. PKG has ROHS sticker on the box. I’ve tried temp settings from210 to 235, bed set from 60 to 70, speed at 35, 99% fill.
The filament turns to more of a pink color. Any suggestions on what to do next or where I could purchase a better filament.




I have listed the manufacturers web sites but there are suppliers closer to home.

You should explain what qualities it is that you are looking for/are unhappy with.

Is it just a matter of the colour?

Hi, Thanks for the info. I’m trying to print lenses for tail lights and looking for something that will print the red transparent like a regular lenses or close, Is this possible?

Thanks for the reply. I’ve checked out Prusament. but not the others yet. I’m trying to make tail light lenses. Not sure what to pic.

I have printed a roll of the Atomic a bit of prusament. Both are red, thickness will matter, also fan speed. Low fan speed with trans PETg will yield more translucent and less hazy. The haze will dull the red some.

Getting the right thickness will be the hard part IMO. Too thin the colour will not be intense enough an too think it will be too dim.

I really liked the Atomic. But it is hard to go wrong with the prusament. Such great filament.

Thanks I’m ordering the CPE HG100 Transparent, but first I need to know on my rebuilt Ender3 ( Pro) I have the direct extruder and swiss hot end and BLT, On my menu I could only go up to 260 deg. . Is there a way to configure my temperature setting or should I just leave it alone. I’m asking only because the manufacture says it could go a high as 275 deg.?

I’d leave it alone. it is likely the max for the heaters.

Thanks, for the help.

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