Is there a binder jet 3D printer manufacturer or supplier in China

Yes, it is, such as easymfg. EasyMFG is a high-tech enterprise focusing on 3DP technology, carrying out the development and promotion of 3D printing technology for mass production, and providing a complete set of comprehensive solutions.

Our team presided over and participated in several research projects of National 863 major projects, national key research and development programs, national CNC major projects, national support programs, major scientific and technological innovation projects of Hubei Province and etc.

At the same time, our team has mastered a variety of 3D printing relevant technology, such as SLS?SLM?SLA etc., who has a long-term accumulation and solid foundation in 3D printing related core technology.More binder jetting 3d printer information please visit our official website

Sounds like an advertisement.

I agree, id rather see interaction and information brought to the forum, than be lead away for sales.

Though i do like hearing of new ideas if there are any innovations.