Is there a esy way to change coding

Hi, newbie here, have printed this cell phone cover for my phone. Print was fine except that the top ridge was not out far enough to hold the phone in. Is there an easy way to change the gcode to make the top a little wider. Thanks

Samsung galaxy z flip 3 cover template by ruspa - Thingiverse

HI @Retiredguy

Think about Gcode as a baked cake, You cannot change the amount of sugar after you have all the ingredients mixed together.

Unfortunately you would need to redesign it in a CAD package to make a change like that.

Damn, oh well back to youtube and learn some cad. thanks Jason for the quick reply.

@Retiredguy it is a bit crude and will take some careful figuring of trial and error but in slicers you can scale a file and change the proportions. This is Prusaslicer but that doesn’t really matter. I unlocked the scales X, Y, and Z. You could change the one you needed. What % or exactly how many mm you will need to calculate but that might work. If you need just the lip altered Prusa allows you to add or subtract primitive shapes and you might be able to subtract a box that will trim the offending part.

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Thanks will give it a try.