Is this a slicer setting issue?

Hi! Question. I am running an ender3 v2 as well as an ender 5 plus, both with direct drives, both with glass beds and both using glue stick adhesive on the beds. I did the same exact test prints on both printers

Ender 3v2 I was using white value PETG
Nozzle 240
Bed 70

Ender 5plus I was using blue value PETG
Nozzle 240 bed 75

From my pictures below is it the settings in the slicer that needs to change or am I doing something else’s wrong?

I am using the latest version of CURA.

I ran these 4 tests because I noticed when I was printing normal stuff I was getting failed prints.

Ender 3v2 results

Ender 5+ results

the 5 plus is deff cleaner, but the temp is too high. I would suspect it to have to print somewhere about 220, the higher end temps are looking a little melty

What’s the cause of this? Is it the file? Cause everything else seems to print okay

not sure if it’s just me but the filament looks cooked, Printed too hot. Cannot tell if the second pic is a side or bottom. If it’s the bottom there is some under extrusion as well, The upper pic looks like its a model, or there is a belt loose.